The Great Wood's Bay Mystery

Everyone knows of Wood's Bay (aka Woods Bay)...which was a great spot for skinny dipping & was a boater's version of lover's lane. We've all heard the stories of Senator Wood who had Teddy Roosevelt visit him in his Hunting Lodge several times.

But, what do we know about the Senator himself?
First, he was a Minnesota State Senator, not a US Senator. That is clear...there has never been a US Senator from Minnesota named Wood. But, there were THREE Minnesota State Senators with that name.

A search of the Minnesota Senate & Minnesota Historical Society identified these candidates.

Lorenzo G. Wood
Senate 1891-94 (District 52)
Counties Served: Marshall
City of Residence when first elected: Warren
Date of Birth: 1823

George W. Wood
Senate 1887-90 (District 20)
City of Residence when first elected: Faribault Counties Served: Rice
Date of Birth: 1842
Date(s) of death (several George W’s were found): 09/20/1919 in St. Louis County (George Warren), 11/02/1927 in Olmsted County (George Washington), 11/02/1927 in Otter Tail County (George Washington), 06/24/1943 in Rice County (George Wood)

Elisha B. Wood
Senate 1903-06 (District 53)
Counties Served: Todd
City of Residence when first elected:
Long Prairie
Date of Birth: 1846
Date of Death: 01/13/1928 in Todd County