The First Outing Business

C.B. Meachum had the first store in Outing (originally known as The Narrows), about 1926, just a tar paper shack type, at the site where Unity Bank and Just up North are now located, (The old Lakeview Grocery building.)

Then Henry J. Luscher built the store on the other side of the street, known as the Narrows Trading Post in 1926, ran it and lived in back of the store. They moved up on top of the hill by where the US Post Office used to be with the steep cement steps in 1930. Andy Andolshek bought the store in 1948 and later sold it to Kurt Hoffman and his brother. It burned down in the middle 1960's, along with the Dairy Queen that Kurt had added. The grocery store was rebuilt by the Hoffman's and is currently a grocery store.