Outing/Narrows Stories From Days Gone By

The Cass County Sno Patrol, Outing Branch

Jeannette Fairbanks' father (Jerry Berry, Sr.) was also president of the Sno Patrol in Outing, back when snowmobiles were first coming out and several of people, including Jeannette, were deputized to be on the Sno Patrol. They would just check cabins, etc. when they were out riding, no charge, just neighbors helping each other out. She said "It was some fun times when we just enjoyed going out in the woods for a ride and peacefulness when the machines were shut off. Always so beautiful especially just after a heavy snowfall."

Cass County Sno Patrol - Outing Branch copy

An Outing Cabin and Outing Post Office Circa 1944

Outing Post Office, Circa 1944
Outing Post Office, Circa 1944
Cabin Shore, Circa 1944
Cabin Shore, Circa 1944

This is a letter written by Bill Jackman (date unknown, believed to be around 2001) about the cabin shore & Post Office shown in the photos shown below. (Printed with Bill's permission.)

Hi From Natures Wilderness:
Dean, I don’t know how old you are, I’m retired, been retired since 1991, been living up here since that time. I am 71 now. I was talking to Vern Underdahl the other day. He told me, you’re in the process of bringing the cabin down at the shore back to its original shape.

How well I remember that cabin, if I recall right my parents and aunt and uncle first rented that cabin before World War II, I’d guess in 1941. I would have been 10 at the time. I can well remember my aunt kept her candy out of reach from us kids, my sister, my cousin and I can remember sleeping in the top bunk bed, course my parents and aunt and uncle stayed up late to play cards every night. Sleeping up in the top bunk, had its benefits. There was a reflection of light on the ceiling. Looking over the top of the wall you looked down on the eating area. Course also just on the other side of the wall were the top of the cupboards. Course on the top of those cupboards is where my aunt had her candy stacked. Funny how fast that candy disappeared. My aunt never said a word, suppose maybe she figured her husband was eating most of it.

Can well remember also roasting marshmallows over an open fire outside the cabin and an owl hooting as we set by the fire. Can still remember after the week was over packing up to head out, walking up those paths to the top of the hill, can’t remember, but think there was make shift steps. Was common in those days, still is. Well my dad had false teeth and lost them somewhere on the way of packing out. Think your dads name was Irv Nordahl, if I recall right. Anyway, once we got home, your parents called seems their dog had found the teeth on the path to the top of the hill. Seems the dog came up the hill with them in its mouth, they mailed the teeth back to the cities.

My parents, again, rented the cabin in August of 1944, during World War II, this time sharing the rent with Christ and Adeline Ringstad, they were good friends for many years. In 1946, the Ringsteads built their retirement house on Sunset Hill Road, my dad, helped Christ build some of it. This copy of the photo is dated on the back August 30, 1944. The house is stucco and is still there just south of Lenny and Jill Fairbanks.

So why did Christ and Adeline decide to move up there? It reminded Christ so much of his homeland of Norway, he found his surroundings in Outing just the way he wanted them

The post office in the picture is the one that was in Outing in 1944. It ended up across the road from the Village Inn down on the shore of the lake. Cross the highway but not far from where they shoot the fireworks off now. I think it’s been torn down now and a new lake home in its spot.

The school house that once was the school house for Outing, I’ve heard it is just south of Emily, on the east side of Hwy 6 behind the cyclone fence that’s where the old cars are resting. The brown plastic webbed fence.

Riley’s Motor Inn, across Highway 6 from Vern’s Café, where the boat dock is – across from the present gas station. That was there in the early 40’s, course right on the into the early 50’s at least, must be a 50-51 or 52 Lincoln in front of it. Tromley house, Truman stayed there when he was a senator. The way it’s been explained to me the Tromley house is on top of the hill long side of Land o Lakes Marine. The reddish log house on top of the hill.

I know there have been questions if Roosevelt ever stayed at the Woods Lodge. About 8 years ago I interviewed the lady that cleaned the Lodge for Senator Woods, she told me Roosevelt stayed at the Lodge many times. Like many I interviewed, she helped me piece together a lot of the history of the area.

I can’t climb hills anymore, haven’t been by the cabin on the shore. Kirk at Land o Lakes Marine is going to get me a boat ride down the shore before winter sets in. Going to be gone for couple of weeks, but memories are best to get out before it’s too late. I’ve done a lot of writing for the county and different areas.

Bill Jackman